When visiting us for your dogs pamper session, we will discuss what grooming requirements you would like, any health or temperament issues your dog may have, so that He/She has a calm and enjoyable experience with us .
Also you will be required to complete and sign a record card. We also do not allow dogs to be groomed with fleas, if we find any there will be a £5 charge as we have to use flea shampoo for all, deep clean and flea treat the salon which can be costly.
Matted Coats
If your dogs coat is matted it can cause a lot of discomfort as it pulls the skin! So the kindest thing to do is to clip it off short.In some cases clipping close to the skin could cause skin irritation you will be informed prior to grooming for your permission for this go ahead. Also this can take time and blunt equipment so and extra charge will be implemented.
We only use cages when we need to and if they are happy to. If they need to go into a cage they are only in there for a short period of time. We also never use cage dryers or cabinets.
Pet Behaviour
If your dog is aggressive while being groomed we may have to use a muzzle. Sometimes we will have to stop grooming Due to aggression which can result in an unfinished job, so the owner will be asked to pay for the work that has been carried out.
 We will always try our best to groom to the best standard we can with a dog being aggressive or difficult.
Picking up your dog
Dogs will need to be picked up with in 1 hour after grooming has finished as it’s not fare for the dogs to be stuck at the salon for longer then they need to be. There will be a charge of £5 after an hour of no return. if you can’t pick up your dog for some reason and need a certain time this can be discussed on arrival, and may be a charge for this.
All prices are estimated on phone calls as prices change on arrival due to coat condition, needs etc.
All dogs are are groomed with love and care at all times like our own. ?